# Department of Transportation and Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority

To enhance the quality of life for District residents and visitors by ensuring that people, goods, and information move efficiently and safely, with minimal adverse impact on residents and the environment.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) was created by an interstate compact in 1967 to plan, develop, build, finance, and operate a balanced regional transportation system in the national capital area.


website: https://ddot.dc.gov, https://www.wmata.com
CY_budget: $548,948,335
budget_percent: 4.56%
budget_per_capita: $833
program_outcome: Road Safety and Mobility
program_category: Sustainability and Environment
service: Public Works
twitter: https://twitter.com/ddotdc,
fatalities_per_100k_population_rate: 3.96
UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals: Goal 3 Good Health and Well-Being, Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
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Location: Washington_DC



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christina on March 8, 2018, 3:21 a.m.

The metro is so unreliable and it is very congested. One of the contributing factor is the amount of constructions. Several constructions (e.g. road digging, road blocked) within a few blocks appear to be quite common. It seems like that there is no real planning to ensure that construction projects are not exacerbating the traffic condition further.

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