# Metropolitan Police Department

MPD provides crime prevention and response services through patrols, investigations, and homeland security services. The Patrol Services Bureau delivers community policing to the District’s neighborhoods through 56 police service areas in seven police districts. The Investigative Services Bureau investigates crimes and provides forensic services for those cases. The Homeland Security Bureau coordinates domestic security and intelligence operations as well as traffic safety and law enforcement support for special events. The Internal Affairs Bureau investigates the use of force, equal employment opportunity violations, and other misconduct and complaints against MPD employees. The Strategic Services and Corporate Support Bureaus support the work of the entire department through strategic direction, legislative coordination, policy issuance, recruitment, hiring and training personnel, evidence control, records processing, fleet management, procurement, and other administrative support services.


website: https://mpdc.dc.gov/
CY_budget: $516,444,990
budget_percent: 4.29%
budget_per_capita: $783.67
program_outcome: Crime Prevention
program_category: Police
service: Public Safety and Justice
twitter: https://twitter.com/dcpolicedept
crime_density_rate: 5% (2017)
UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals: Goal 16 Peace Justice and Strong Institutions
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Location: Washington_DC



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