# Department of Health

The Department of Health provides programs and services with the ultimate goal of reducing the burden of disease and improving opportunities for health and well-being for all District residents and visitors. DOH does this through a number of mechanisms that center around prevention, promotion of health, expanding access to health care, and increasing health equity. The department provides public health management and leadership through policy, planning, and evaluation; fiscal oversight; human resource management; grants and contracts management; information technology; government relations; risk management; communication and community relations; legal oversight; and facilities management. The DOH performance plan is based on three priority areas: (1) health and wellness promotion, (2) promoting health equity, and (3) public health systems enhancement.


website: https://doh.dc.gov
CY_budget: $230,837,773
budget_percent: 1.92%
budget_per_capita: $350.28
program_outcome: Disease Reduction
program_category: Public Health
service: Human Services
twitter: https://twitter.com/DOHDC
UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals: Goal 3 Good Health and Well-Being
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Location: Washington_DC



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