# Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department

The Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (FEMS) provides emergency medical services (EMS), fire suppression, technical rescue, special hazards rescue, marine rescue, firefighting, and other emergency services to preserve life and protect property in the District of Columbia. FEMS is the primary first-response public safety agency for managing consequences resulting from natural disasters or other all-hazards and catastrophic events potentially impacting the national capital region. FEMS provides a number of community risk reduction services including homeland security preparedness; health and fire safety education for schools, young children and senior adults; and fire inspection and code enforcement programs. FEMS is a leading provider of public safety information by social media and operates public outreach programs for CPR and AED training, smoke alarms, and other community services.


website: https://fems.dc.gov
CY_budget: $254,177,502
budget_percent: 2.11%
budget_per_capita: $385.7
program_outcome: Emergency Responsiveness
program_category: Fire
service: Public Safety and Justice
twitter: https://twitter.com/dcfireems
highest_response_time_target_EMS: 5 min (61.9%)
highest_response_time_target_fire: 5 min 20 sec (97.5%)
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Location: Washington_DC



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