# Fire and Rescue Service

The mission of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS) is to protect lives, property, and the environment with comprehensive risk reduction programs and safe, efficient and effective emergency response provided by skilled, motivated, and compassionate career and volunteer service providers representing Montgomery County's diverse population. MCFRS consists of the Office of the Fire Chief; Division of Operations; Division of Human Resources; Division of Fiscal Management; Division of Support Services; Division of Volunteer and Community Services; the Fire and Emergency Services Commission; and 19 Local Fire and Rescue Departments (LFRD). MCFRS operates 37 fire and rescue stations and several satellite offices.


website: https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/mcfrs/
CY_budget: $214,862,420
budget_percent: 3.9%
budget_per_capita: $209.34
program_outcome: Emergency Responsiveness
program_category: Fire
service: Public Safety and Justice
twitter: https://twitter.com/MCDOTNow
highest_response_time_target_EMS: 10.47 (2017)
highest_response_time_target_fire: 9.18 min (2017)
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Location: Montgomery_County_MD



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