# Environmental Protection Program

The mission of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is to enhance the quality of life in our community by protecting and improving Montgomery County's air, water and land in a sustainable way while fostering smart growth, a thriving economy and healthy communities.


website: https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/dep/
CY_budget: $30,270,000
budget_percent: 0.55%
budget_per_capita: $29.49
program_outcome: Environment Preservation
program_category: Sustainability and Environment
service: Public Works
twitter: https://twitter.com/MyGreenMC
carbon_emission_capita: 0.04 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) (2016)
UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals: Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
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Location: Montgomery_County_MD



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