# Transportation

Since 1977, Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) has served the Fairfax County community by enhancing mobility, safety and the quality of life of residents, businesses and visitors through planning, coordinating, funding, implementing and sustaining a multi-modal transportation system that moves people and goods, consistent with the values of the community.


website: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/transportation
CY_budget: $8,200,000
budget_percent: 0.20%
budget_per_capita: $7.23
program_outcome: Road Safety and Mobility
program_category: Transportation
service: Public Works
twitter: https://twitter.com/@ffxconnector
fatalities_per_100k_population_rate: 2.99
UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals: Goal 3 Good Health and Well-Being, Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
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Location: Fairfax_County_VA



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