# Children, Youth and Family Services

In partnership with the community, the Children, Youth and Families Division helps strengthen and support families to protect and care for their children through the provision of child protective services, foster care and adoption services, family preservation services, child abuse prevention programs, and services to homeless families and individuals. Services are provided to families and children through individualized plans of service offered by a seamless, community‐based, family‐focused service delivery system. These services are offered in a strengths‐based, outcome focused program that builds upon and enhances the integrity of families and their capacity to address their own issues in a more independent fashion.


website: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/familyservices/children-youth
CY_budget: $33,854,330
budget_percent: 0.82%
budget_per_children_capita: $113.32
program_outcome: Children Safety and Health Protection
program_category: Child Welfare
service: Human Services
twitter: https://twitter.com/fairfaxcounty
poverty_rate_individual: 6%
poverty_rate_under_18: 7.5%
UN_Sustainable_Development_Goals: Goal 1 No Poverty
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Location: Fairfax_County_VA



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